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Occupational Health and Safety in the New Zealand and Maritime Workplace

AS/NZS 4804:2001 – Occupational health and safety management system – General Guidelines on principals, systems and supporting techniques.

The objective of this standard is to provide guidance on how an occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) may be set up; how it can be continually improved; and what resources may be used to do this.

How will this standard help my business?

This standard will help you establish, implement and continually improve your occupational health and safety management systems.  The benefits of an affective health and safety management system include:

  • Meeting legal requirements
  • Being ehtical
  • Meeting industrial relations requirements
  • Reducing workplace illness and injury
  • Minimising costs associated with workplace accidents

Who should use this standard?

This standard provides guidance to businesses of any size or type who wish to develop, implement, or improve an occupational health and safety management system, so that it:

  • Is appropriate for that business
  • Is integrated with other systems and core functions within the business
  • Improves the business overall performance, and
  • Assists the business in in meeting its legal responsibilities under the Health and Safety Act 1992

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